10 Most Important Skincare Do’s And Dont’s For Healthy Skin : Your Ultimate Guide To Flawless Face


We all want to look our best everyday, have a nice spotless skin, get rid of wrinkles and dark circles, have healthy hair and the list of our wishes is endless. We look for the best available skincare products in the market and try different DIY recipes. Sometimes they work but sometimes they don’t. Reason behind this is that there are a lot of small yet crucial things which we ignore that can make a huge difference to our skin.

  1. Remove your makeup : The most important rule for flawless skin if you wear makeup ( be it light or heavy), is do not sleep with makeup on your face. This is can create more damage than you can even imagine. Makeup will clog your pores leading to acne and will not allow the skin to recover leading to ageing. If you are too lazy to wash your face post a long day at work or a party, the least you could do is to either use a makeup remover or a wet wipe.
  2. Clean your pillow cover :If you wake up with a zit on your face despite washing your face the last night, then probably your pillow is the culprit. Be it a cotton, satin, silk or any other pillow cover fabric, make sure to clean it every 3-4 days.
  3. Use a Separate face towel : This one is something we all must have done,using the same towel to wipe our face and body. Your body towel might get bacteria from any missed unclean spot and that can easily transfer to your face, if you use the same towel. So, always use a separate towel for your face and make sure to clean it every 2-3 days.
  4. Do Drink Enough Water : If you complain of flaky skin, dark circles, acne, pigmentation, wrinkles, dull skin, dry scalp etc etc, then please check how many glasses of water you had. Almost every skin and hair problem can be solved to a large extent if you keep yourself hydrated. Go and grab a glass of water right now. πŸ˜‰
  5. Do wear Sunscreen : I can’t stress this enough but NEVER EVER step outside without a sunblock. You may not realize but one of the major factors behind your acne, pigmentation, ageing and dark spots is an absence of sun protection. Be it summer, winter, spring or any season, don’t skip using a sunscreen. You may pick any one suitable to your skin or else you can find one in my articles I have written lately. (Oily Skin Care RoutineΒ and Dry Skin Care Routine).
  6. Don’t Touch your face : Most of us have a habit of touching our face quite frequently. Have you ever realized how many bacteria you welcome to your face by doing this? Throughout the day, at home, office, college or anywhere, we touch so many things which have bacteria in abundance (Door handles, lift buttons, Staircase handrail,etc) and now imagine using the same hands on your face, one major culprit for your skin problems.
  7. Don’t Share makeup – I know it is good to be generous, but if it is at the cost of your hygiene, then its a big NO NO. Sharing your makeup stuff especially kajal, lipstick, makeup sponge and brushes will not only damage your skin but also of the one whom you are trying to help. This may lead to eye infections, cold sores and other skin problems.
  8. Always wash makeup sponge and brushes – Makeup tools also gather a lot of bacteria, dirt, oil, pollution, dead cells, etc and using them without washing may clog your pores and cause infections. So, it is highly recommended to wash them from time to time.
  9. Wrong way of applying eye cream – Even after using an eye cream regularly, your dark circles are getting worse then, one major reason could be the way you apply the cream. If we put too much pressure, the blood vessels gets damaged and leak blood which makes the skin around the eyes look dark. Always use your ring finger to apply an eye cream because it gives a gentle pressure and does not damage the delicate skin around the eyes.
  10. Use of Cellphone – If you have acne along the sides of your cheek near the hairline, then you know whom to blame for it. πŸ˜‰ Our cellphone carries bacteria and its heat helps them to breed which when comes in contact with your face causes acne. Not only this, the overheating might be a cause of your dark spots, the visible light can cause dark circles and collagen damage which ultimately causes wrinkles. So, its better to clean your phone screen daily and reduce your phone usage.


You might be familiar with a lot of things mentioned above but what is more important is how often do we follow this. So, to get the perfect looking skin, stop the wrong habits and start the good ones and see the difference in a few days.

I would be glad to know about your experience, so please do share your opinion in the comments section below.

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