Best Body Butters For Winters : Effective Products To Heal Dry Skin

If you are tired of using the same old body lotion and still unable to get rid of skin dryness, then you must definitely switch to a good body butter. Body butters are thick and dense in texture as compared to a body lotion, so they provide better moisture to the body. They also create a protection layer which helps to lock in the moisture, keeping the skin soft and supple for a longer time. Since they are dense, it helps to heal cracks, dry patches and even stretch marks.

I have already written about the importance of body scrubbing (Get Rid Of Skin Tan and Ingrown Hair : Effective Body Scrubs For Your Skin) post which a nice massage with any body butter will be too effective in dealing with skin problems. So, I have listed down some effective body butters you may try.

  1. Himalaya Rich Cocoa Butter Body Cream – Cocoa butter is a highly effective ingredient in treating dryness, so this one from Himalaya is a nice option to try. It soaks into the skin very well, is extremely moisturizing and leaves a mild cocoa fragrance. Overall, a nice budget friendly option to treat your skin. Click Here To Buy.
    Price – 270/-
  2. Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula With Vitamin E – I find Palmer’s product perfect for people with extremely dry skin. They contain ingredients which help to heal the skin, prevent skin ageing, promote cell generation, nourish the skin and fight stretch marks. So, this is the perfect product to try if you have dry skin problems. Click Here To Buy.
    Price – 545/-
  3. Plum Feel The Fudge Body Butter, Vanilla And Fig – This body butter is a nice option with the benefits and soothing fragrance of vanilla and fig. Vanilla and Shea butter provides nourishment to the skin with the anti-oxidant property of fig. To top it all, this product is paraben free and vegan which makes it altogether a perfect buy. Click Here To Buy.
    Price – 450/-
  4. Mcaffeine Smooth Jazz Caffeine Body Butter – When we are talking about paraben free products, then we should have a look at this product too. This contains caffeine which helps in skin tightening, avocado which has anti oxidants to heal your skin and almonds for overall nourishment. This is another must try product for smooth skin. Click Here To Buy.
    Price – 399/-
  5. Biotique Bio Coco Butter – This body butter from biotique also helps in healing stretched skin, pigmentation and dryness. Since it is an ayurvedic recipe, so it is suitable to sensitive skin as well. It is completely safe, ayurvedic and affordable body cream to get the long lasting moisturizing effect. Click Here To Buy.
    Price – 180/-

    I hope this list helps you in finding your perfect body butter and may help you in getting rid of all your dry skin problems. Do share your views in the comment section below.

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