Easy DIY Remedies For Sun Damage : Instant Skin Soothing Treatment

Sun damage is a very common problem during this season. Our skin gets burned and tanned due to over exposure to sun. For people with sensitive skin, this may also lead to rashes, allergy or pesky pimples which  are very painful. Also, we sweat a lot in summers which causes itchy irritated skin.

Since this season is also the best for a vacation or a day out at the pool, it is extremely important to take care of your skin to treat the overly sun exposed skin. So, if you are also struggling with sun burns, do try out the following DIY recipes and heal your sun damaged skin. These are extremely easy recipes which you can make in just no time.

  1. Aloe Mint Skin Coolant – This skin coolant will help to calm down the irritation and itchiness on the skin. Needless to mention the benefits of aloevera for skincare, the mint extracts will help to provide a cooling sensation and help to heal the sun damage.

How to prepare & use – Take 1-2 teaspoons of Aloevera gel and add to it, a few drops of Peppermint essential oil. Mix it well and apply it generously all over the face. Wipe it off with a wet towel or cotton pad.

Ingredients Recommended – WOW AloeVera Multipurpose Gel and Aroma Magic Peppermint oil

2. Aloe Cucumber Vitamin E Mask – A skin soothing mask will not only help in cooling it down but also help to improve its texture. With the goodness of vitamin e, this mask will help in fading out the marks caused by sun damage and the aloe cucumber extracts will provide the hydration and glow lost in the damage.

How to prepare & use – Mix equal amounts of aloevera and cucumber gel and to it, squeeze 1 or 2 vitamin E capsules depending upon the mixture of gels. Mix it well and refrigerate for around 30 minutes. Once it gets cold, apply a nice thick layer of this mask. Wait for it to dry out and wash it off with cold water.

Ingredients Recommended – Green Leaf Aloe Cucumber Gel

3. Aloe Cucumber Rose water Toner & Ice Cubes – Rose water is considered to be a great skin toner but if mixed with aloevera and cucumber, its benefits get doubled. If you feel your skin is getting dehydrated due to the scorching summer heat, you may use it as a face mist by spraying it all over the face. This will calm down the skin and leave it fresh and glowing. It will also help to close the open skin pores and keep acne and pimples at bay.

How to prepare & use – Grate half a cucumber and squeeze out the cucumber juice.You may use ready made cucumber water or gel. Add 1 teaspoon of aloevera gel and 1-2 tea spoons of rose water to it. You may fill this mixture in a spray bottle to use as a face mist or freeze it in an ice cube tray. You may rub the ice cubes all over your face to calm down the sun damaged skin.

Ingredients Recommended – Biotique Bio Cucumber Toner and VLCC Rose Water Toner.

I hope these DIY skincare hacks will help you to reduce the sun damage and pain caused by them. If they did, do let me know in the comment section below.



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