Salon Like Hair Spa At Home : 5 Simple Steps To Silky Soft Hair

We all love to have healthy and silky smooth hair. Treating your hair with a hair spa can help in improving hair texture, promoting hair growth, dealing with scalp oil & dandruff and giving an over all nourishment to your scalp and hair. But a single visit to a salon for this can be very expensive especially if you have long hair. Also, we don’t want to risk our hair as we don’t know what products are being used.

But what if we do the same treatment at home? It will save you a lot of money. Also, if you don’t have time for home made recipes, there are some really effective products available in the market. This will save a lot of time too. I have listed these products as well.

Treat your hair with a salon like hair spa with these 5 steps and get beautiful tresses.

1. Massage – Take any oil, whichever you like (coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil or even a mixture of these) and squeeze a vitamin E capsule and few drops of castor oil to it. Also, add some aloe vera gel if you like. Warm this mixture and gently massage your scalp with it. You may also use any hair spa cream available in the market or use any homemade one also. A good massage will improve blood circulation and stimulate hair growth.

2. Steam – After massaging your hair, you may use the traditional method of wrapping up a warm towel over your head for steam but make sure not to use hot towel. You may also take a moist shower cap and use a dryer over it. Steam will help to infuse the goodness of oil deep into the hair and retain the moisture.

3. Shampoo – Now, shampoo your hair. There are a lot of hair spa shampoos available in the market. You may choose any one which suits you. But the one which I prefer and worked really well for me is the Wella Professionals Enrich Moisturizing Shampoo For Dry And Damaged Hair. It makes your hair manageable, strong and shiny in just one use. Click Here To Buy.
Price – 575/-
4. Mask – Post shampooing your hair, apply a mask to your hair from root to tips in sections and make sure to make thin sections. This way,  the mask will reach each and every hair strand. Keep it on for 10-15 minutes and wash it off with water. You may pick any mask of your choice or prepare one at home but the one which I prefer is from the same wella range, Wella Professionals Enrich Moisturizing Treatment For Dry And Damaged Hair. It improves the hair texture, makes them strong and gives a silky smooth effect. Click Here To Buy.
Price – 600/-
If you wish to buy both shampoo and conditioner, you may check out Wella Shampoo and conditioner combo here. The combo is cheaper than the individual products. 😀

5. Serum – Finally, when you have washed your hair, apply a serum to moist hair along their length. This will give a nice shine to the hair as well as make them really smooth and strong. A good hair serum also protects them from UV rays and prevents hair breakage. The one I absolutely love is the Livon Moroccan Silk Serum. Just one pump of this product is enough to give that gloss and strength to the hair. The whole bottle will last for almost a year so, it is full value for money. Click Here To Buy.
Price – 259/-

You may follow these steps once a month but if you have really damaged hair, you may follow this twice a month. These steps helped me in controlling hair fall and made them long, healthy and voluminous.

If you find these steps useful, do let me know in the comment section below. If you have some other recommendations, please share that too, I would love to try those out.

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